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How-to guides serve as invaluable resources, offering clear and systematic instructions to help individuals navigate the legal system and accomplish specific tasks. These guides are designed to demystify complexities of law and empower users with the knowledge needed to successfully complete a task or learn a new skill. Typically structured in a step-by-step format, they break down procedures into manageable and sequential actions, ensuring that users can follow along with ease.


Steps for Addressing Unlawful Detainer (In English)

Pasos para Abordar un Desalojo Ilegal (Spanish)

Family Law understanding your steps


California Criminal Record Remedies Overview and Advocacy Strategies

San Bernardino County – Local Forms

San Bernardino County – Self-Help 

Riverside County – Local Forms

California Criminal Record Remedies Overview and Advocacy Strategies

Child Support Understanding Your Options

Community Resource List

Constructive Eviction Sample Letter Instructions

Family Law Understanding Your Options

Tenant Eviction Steps

Tenant Eviction Steps Spanish

Harassment Sample Letter

Lock Out Letter Sample Letter

Quiet Enjoyment Sample Letter

Retaliation Sample Letter

Demand For Deposit Sample Letter

Section 8 Tenant That Did Not Received a 90-Day Notice Sample Letter

Warranty of Habitability Sample Letter

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