Pro Bono Volunteers

Join Legal Aid Society of San Bernardino’s pro bono volunteer team to make a real impact on the lives of vulnerable individuals in our community. Together, we can bridge the justice gap, ensure equal access to legal support, and create a more just and equitable society for all. Your expertise and dedication can change lives and contribute to a brighter future for those in need.
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Volunteer with LASSB: A Quick Overview

Areas of Practice

Family Law

Housing Law

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Attorneys and Law Firms

The Legal Aid Society of San Bernardino (LASSB) presents a wide array of unique pro bono opportunities tailored to both individual attorneys and law firms. These opportunities encompass various facets, such as staffing legal clinics, providing limited case advice, conducting educational outreach and training sessions, and handling short-term or high-impact litigation cases. In each pro bono endeavor, LASSB collaborates closely with participating attorneys to ensure robust support throughout the project or case.

Here’s how we help:

  1. Carefully Vetted Cases: LASSB thoroughly assesses potential pro bono cases, guaranteeing their strong legal merit and the potential for impactful outcomes.
  2. Fee Waivers: Our clients, all low-income individuals, qualify for court fee waivers, translating to minimal to no out-of-pocket expenses for our dedicated volunteers.
  3. Comprehensive Case Support: When volunteer attorneys take on individual cases, LASSB offers comprehensive assistance, covering substantive, procedural, and strategic aspects, from case initiation to final disposition.
  4. Malpractice Insurance: All volunteers handling LASSB cases are covered by LASSB’s malpractice insurance, serving as the primary coverage.
  5. Specialized Training: LASSB provides specialized training sessions to ensure volunteers are well-prepared and equipped for their pro bono assignments.

If you’re enthusiastic about contributing to any of our projects, we invite you to complete the online application.

Additionally, LASSB extends a warm welcome to provisionally licensed lawyers under California Rule of Court, Rule 9.49.

Recent law graduates keen on volunteering with LASSB are encouraged to reach out and apply as volunteers. For inquiries or further information, please don’t hesitate to contact info@Legalaidofsb.org, or refer to the State Bar’s information page here. Join us in making a lasting impact through the power of pro bono service.

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