Eviction Defense

Creating Security.

Providing legal counsel plays a pivotal role in minimizing the likelihood of tenants finding themselves without a home. Our dedicated efforts encompass a range of services, including our Eviction Legal Advisory Hotline, community clinics, and courtroom advocacy. Our unwavering commitment is aimed at safeguarding the housing stability of both individuals and families.

How We Help

At LASSB, we champion the cause of tenants by providing robust eviction defense services. Our array of offerings for eligible clients encompasses: 

  • Offering guidance and insights on housing concerns, regardless of the presence of an imminent eviction case.
  • Crafting well-prepared responses to eviction notices.
  • Facilitating the preparation of motions to set aside judgments, contingent upon eligibility criteria.
  • Assisting with discovery procedures, taking eligibility and available resources into account.
  • Equipping tenants with the necessary knowledge and preparation for self-representation during trial proceedings.
  • Providing dedicated courtroom representation on behalf of tenants.


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