About Us

Discovering Our Uniqueness

At the heart of our mission, the Legal Aid Society of San Bernardino stands as a nonprofit legal institution. Our unwavering commitment is to champion and propel the rights of the most marginalized, effectively erasing disparities and guaranteeing unfettered access to the realm of justice for all. 

Annually, LASSB extends its unwavering commitment, rendering top-tier, pro bono legal services to over 19,000 individuals grappling with poverty within the expansive reaches of San Bernardino and Riverside County. Our distinctive blend of resources, spanning from our central hub to self-help centers strategically located within courthouses, and our dedicated clinics focused on domestic violence, family, and unlawful detainers, positions LASSB as the vanguard of transformation within vulnerable communities, spearheading pivotal change from the forefront.


In our relentless pursuit of our mission and vision, the dedicated LASSB team, comprising accomplished attorneys, resourceful paralegals, and unwavering support staff, collaborates closely with the community through a multifaceted approach: 

  1. Offering Direct Representation: 
    We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with individuals in need, providing steadfast direct representation to ensure their rights are upheld.
  2. Providing Expert Counsel and Advice:
    Our expertise serves as a guiding light, offering counsel and advice to navigate complex legal challenges.
  3. Facilitating Invaluable Referrals:
    We extend our reach by facilitating crucial referrals, ensuring individuals receive the comprehensive support they require.
  4. Empowering Through Education:
    Through informative workshops and seminars, we empower our community with a deep understanding of their legal rights, fostering informed decision-making.

LASSB's legal compass is guided by a set of overarching priorities:

  1. Strengthening Families:
    We are committed to bolstering the well-being of families, creating a stable and nurturing environment.
  2. Safeguarding Affordable Housing:
    Our tireless efforts are dedicated to preserving quality, affordable housing, a cornerstone of thriving communities.
  3. Ensuring Economic Stability:
    We work relentlessly to maintain economic stability, securing the financial foundations of those we serve.
  4. Promoting Safety, Security, and Health:
    We champion the cause of safety, security, and health, essential components of a flourishing society.
  5. Advocating for Vulnerable Populations:
    We lend our unwavering support to populations facing unique vulnerabilities, ensuring their voices are heard and their rights are protected.
  6. Upholding Human and Civil Rights:
    At the core of our mission, we stand resolute in the defense of human and civil rights, fostering a just and equitable society for all.


Your Support Makes A Difference!

As the a provider of free civil legal services in San Bernardino and Riverside County, we rely on the support of hundreds of volunteers every year who are dedicated to helping us achieve our mission. We welcome a diverse range of individuals of all educational and professional backgrounds, including:

  • Law School Graduates
  • Pro Bono Attorneys
  • Community Volunteers
  • Other Private Sector Professionals