Employment & Workers’ Rights

Receive Fair Wages.

The Legal Aid Society of San Bernardino, in partnership with Legal Aid at Work, champions the rights of workers to receive fair wages, work in a respectful atmosphere, and access the benefits they deserve. We are dedicated to ensuring that low-income workers are treated with respect and have the means to support both themselves and their families.

How We Help


Clinics are held the 4th Wednesday (Employment Law Only)
Currently virtual by calling 909-889-7328 and selecting option 2.

In the field of employment law, in collaboration with Legal Aid At Work, we extend our assistance to individuals who qualify based on income criteria. Our support encompasses various crucial areas, including:

  • Assisting in the recovery of unpaid wages, including overtime compensation.
  • Aiding in the process of securing unemployment benefits.
  • Providing legal counsel for cases related to discrimination.
  • Offering guidance on addressing workplace harassment.
  • Furnishing legal counsel on matters concerning medical leave and other employment rights.

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