Board of Directors

At the Forefront of Change

Serving as a member of the Legal Aid Society of San Bernardino’s esteemed Volunteer Board of Directors is a prestigious and profound commitment to extending the reach of legal justice to those with limited options. Our board is an illustrious assembly, featuring individual attorneys, distinguished representatives from private law firms, corporate visionaries, and esteemed community figures, including individuals who have previously benefited from LASSB’s vital services. Joining our board is a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of change and make an indelible impact on the lives of the underserved.

Board Officers

Joyce M. Holcomb


Eugene Kim

Vice President

Susie Carrillo


Bob MacBurney


Board Members

Michael A. Scafiddi

President Emeritus

Barbara Keough

Wilfrid C. Lemann

Dean McVay

William D. Shapiro

Michele M. Elizalde Daly

Mark H. McGuire

Improving the lives of those in need regardless of ability to pay.

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