About Us

Michelle Dodd

Why I work at Legal Aid:

I work at Legal Aid because, I feel like I contribute to our community by helping the people of little or no financial means have access to our justice system because, I enjoy working in the legal community.

Professional background:

My professional background, my first jobs were (I had three) a daycare assistant, a cashier and stock person and a machine operator at a sewing factory. Then I moved on to forklift operator (heavy equipment) in different warehouses. I cleaned commercial buildings and construction track houses. I manage a motel and was a maid at a motel for a while, I was the administrator for a half-way house and disabled convicts and finally I came to work at Legal Aid. I started at Legal Aid as a typist and gradually worked my way up to doing a little bit of everything from building a network to building maintenance. I obtained my Paralegal certificate and my Bail Agent license since I’ve worked at Legal Aid. I’ve been employed with Legal Aid for 18 years and now hold the title of “Case Management Director.”

I really love:

I really love. “God” first. I love my children and grandson and the ability to be able to help animals and people. Helping people that need help.