Why I work at legal aid:

I work at Legal Aid not only to help people in need but because back in 2010 I went to court to get custody of my daughter. At that time I did not know that there were organizations like LASSB that would help you prepare all your paperwork for you. I took several trips and made several copies at the court just to have all my documents prepared right. If it weren’t for places that provides these kinds of services a lot of people would be confused just like I was. With that being said being able to help someone with their paperwork and getting custody of their children or grandchildren is amazing.  Knowing you can make a difference in someone’s life is so rewarding.

Professional Background:

I have my certificate in the medical field as a Medical Assistant. I worked at a OBGYN for two years and decided to go back to school to become an ASL interpreter. I would practice my sign language there by interpreting for the patient/ doctor. I am in the process of getting my certificate for ASL. ASL is my passion and the hands on experience that I’ve had was so amazing. My ASL professor whom passed away has inspired me to become an interpreter after listening to all his life struggles and obstacles.

I really love:

I really love and appreciate GOD first because if it wasn’t for his sacrifice I would not be here.  Second I really love spending time with my two children. I really love pizza, so much so I have a tattoo of pizza behind my ear. I love to travel (I really want to go to Hawaii). Also I really love animals and would love to open up an animal shelter. (: