Why I Work for Legal Aid Society Of San Bernardino

I work for Legal Aid. I was given the opportunity to work in a setting that involves helping others. I have always enjoyed working in a setting that involves interacting with others, as well as meeting new people. Working at Legal Aid has allowed me to do both. I am bilingual in English and Spanish and was hired to translate for clients needing translation of information to them.  As well as other related duties that come with translation.

Professional background

I have 17 years of customer service. I have always worked in a customer / client services environment. I started working in the loan industry in 2001, helping clients with the approval process of their loan.  I would start a loan process from beginning to end. I would also then translate for clients in need of translation.

What I love about my job

The thing I love most about my job, is the fact that I am truly helping others in need of assistance. There is always something to learn in this environment and always new people and situations you come across. This makes this job one that keeps you learning new things daily. The fact that I am learning something new every day is rewarding and exciting. I love what I do.