Why I work at Legal Aid Society of San Bernardino:

I work at Legal Aid Society of San Bernardino to reach those individuals who need to be heard with sensitivity and respect.    Through my own lifetime of experience and education, I have developed a desire to work in an environment where I can serve as a listener, comforter, and motivator to those in need.  

Professional Background:

My lifetime of experience has included raising a family, securing an Associate’s Degree from San Bernardino Valley College and a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology  from Cal State San Bernardino, plus 19 years of working in a medical field where, as a financial counselor, I assisted patients in need of emergency care, urgent care, or hospital admission.. These experiences have finely tuned my desire to keep working in a field where I can help and have enhanced my desire and ability to be more sensitive and empathetic to those around me.

What else do I love?   

I really love spending my free time with loved ones, caring and doing for others.   My hobbies include scrapbooking, movies and dancing.